A Double Standard? Or is that the rules of the game…

It’s hard dating someone who doesn’t have a role model as a man.  Yes, there are men who honor their mothers and treat their mothers like golden, but sometimes it doesn’t carry over to the woman they are dating. Moms, because there is no real man in the picture, stroke the young egos of their sons. They make their sons feel like they are the man. Their sons in turn love having their egos stroked. Now, every man loves this it’s just to what extreme. When they are single, they are the man.  They are able to buy every pretty face and booty a drink and maybe even fuck them; but they don’t know how to transition when in a relationship.

They are in a relationship, and want to hang out at some of the same venues because they feel like they are the Man there.  However, when they want to buy drinks for women when “their woman” is there; there’s a problem.  Or when past flirtatious relationships- whether they did something or not, women come on the scene and constantly remind them of the venue, and want to have small conversation, while the present girlfriend is there is disrespectful.  But the ego is being stroked so the bravado is blinding and the disrespect to the present lady (girlfriend) goes unnoticed.  And what happens?  The girlfriend is being blamed for insecurities.  However, let another man make his presence known to the girlfriend, it’s a whole new story.  The man is hurt.  He can’t handle it.

It’s so funny how there is such a double standard when it comes to this.  And men are less likely to play the game of disrespect; unlike the women.  It is irritating as hell when the man doesn’t know what’s going on.  Or do they?

What do you think? Ladies….Men..

SHAME ON YOU..Media and Judicial System

It amazes me that just because now a magazine wants to get in on the action, Bill Cosby is guilty.  This is a smear campaign.  Let’s look at the scenario from the beginning.  A comedian who wanted to get in good with some….folks, accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault and rape- That flourished the internet.  The Media, then stated that Bill Cosby secretly drugged the ladies.  The transcripts came out and it states that : Did you know you were taking a Quaalude? answer: Yes.  So since it wasn’t a secret to the women, the media changed its angle.  Saying that he drugged the women.  Something Bill Cosby stated himself. Now, they are opening sealed documents from over 10 years ago. Now call me crazy, sealed has a definition of its own.

My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty of thee I sing… America has a judicial system that is not for African Americans.  I have watched numerous beatings and unethical practices done by police officers, and police officers get off.  I’ve watched people destroy O.J. Simpson things when they didn’t like the verdict.  I’ve sat on a trial listening to a transplant from Texas say, “I’m not going to let that guy get off because he can sue the cops.”  Now, I’m a very open-minded person, and do not like to prejudge.  But society is showing its true colors by pursuing this.  When someone says the LGBT society is just like the treatment of blacks…this is when once again it differs.  This is when the treatment goes to the extreme.  I’m not in favor of sexual assault, or abuse, but all of the women have something in common.  They wanted private time with Mr. Cosby; they all knew he was married; they wanted a favor; they had an ulterior motive; no one is speaking about that.  Because when perhaps Paris H; L. Lohan, or someone else got high and had sex it seemed to be okay.  Now, 10-20 or more years later, the media will pursue and attack the black man Bill Cosby; smear his credentials….open sealed documents….SHAME ON YOU MEDIA SHAME ON YOU JUDICIAL SYSTEM. SHAME ON YOU.


The War on Education

Why are schools failing?  Why are tests scores low?  What are the teacher’s doing? Blah Blah Blah….There are tons of questions and concerns about the educational system but they are being asked to the wrong parties. Politicians, Chris Christie, and a host of others think they know what’s going on in education.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s called politics!  Too many hands are in the pot!

I’ve had a host of good teachers, I know a host of great educators, and I had parents who valued education! I repeat, VALUED EDUCATION! Evaluations are placed on teachers, but the ones who are failing may have poor evaluators.  Did anyone think about that? Is it not an administrator’s job or supervisor job in any industry to make sure everyone is performing a certain level?  Because the last time I checked, if a team isn’t doing well the coach gets fired not the players. Are there evaluations on parents?  Being in education for 18 years, I’ve yet to see 30% of the parents participate in the PTSO. Why are some well behaved in school? Why do some complete homework assignments and other don’t? Why are people afraid to address a real concern regarding attendance, discipline, and students who do not speak English?  These are real factors that affect the classroom, yet through these real components, teachers are supposed to bring 9th graders who are testing on 4th, 5th, 6th grade levels to the 9th grade level in a year. Why are the children clumped together? Oh yeah, because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Let’s not forget about the bias treatment that goes along with whether or not you are related or connected to someone in the district.  And now, there’s a presidential candidate that appointed a superintendent without educational credentials evaluating schools in an urban district, influencing leaders to change their public schools into charter schools.  Wake Up People!  Public education built this country.  What’s wrong now is that the value of education has tanked.  A charter school is a public school with a specialty.  So why not create the specialties within the regular public school?  Stop being ignorant of the game.  Politicians are selling the ignorant that they know what’s going on.  Please stop falling for the game.  Our future – our students, society, is at stake.

I am the best!

I am the best!  My wallet is bigger than your wallet.  My &%&# is better than yours’!  I’m better than this current guy!  Presidential elections are ridiculous now.  Growing up and watching slam campaigns were nothing to  the speeches people….Donald Trump and others are making these days.  Whatever happened to this is what I have to say, this is what I’m going to do, this is really the problem and I have some great ideas to solve it.  It’s very hard to take anyone serious in this campaign.  The democrats has someone who disrespected the current president on several occasions as the only contender.  Since when does that happen?  I mean she could have disrespected him after she was in office….or here’s a thought…keep it to yourself you’re on the same team!  I would like to start all over…can we?

Trust vs. Love Is one more important than the other?

Many people have been betrayed by someone they love.  But how do you move on with that person?  When it’s your mother, do you erase the act and start all over again because she’s your mom?  When it’s your brother or sister, do you erase the act because he/she is family?  When it’s a relative, does that person get the same regard as a parent or sibling?  You love them  because they are your family versus because you have established a real relationship of some sort with the person.

And let’s talk about friends, I guess by today’s standards.  How many foul plays are accepted before you walk away? Or do you have categories, like the friend you go shopping with, or the movies, but a different one for going out, another for couple events?  Do you trust them only within their category? Or do you wholeheartedly trust them; and if they go beyond the barriers they are out for the category or just out? Or are you just a good friend and love them for who they are and want the best for them? (is this an antiquated way of thinking by today’s standards?

Is one more important than the other?  Last thought, when you’re married, do you trust that your spouse is going to take care of you if you should get sick?  Does that other person puts the uncomfortable moments aside and does everything to comfort you? Or does he/she act in the most complaining way; minimalistic-does  what has to be done, and disregard the new things that need attention;the compromising of the self for the sick?  I don’t know. Just pondering if one is more important than the other.

Personally, I think….well you tell me what you think.

Common Sense vs. Etiquette

Common Sense vs. Etiquette

If you are going to an event – concert, comedy show, or play, do you leave early enough so you may park the car, buy snacks or drinks, and find your seats before the show begins?  Or do you get there after the show begins, stand in front of others while trying to read your ticket for seating; find your seats and then get up to go to the bathroom or purchase a drink.

This act lacks common sense and fosters poor etiquette.  Why pay for tickets and not enjoy the beginning?  Do you buy a movie or a book that doesn’t have chapter 1?  Then why show up after the event begins? Unfortunately, because your ass showed up late, now you’re interrupting those who would like to see the beginning without, “What number is your seat?” “Excuse me…” Or stand in front of others who are trying to see the show!  Now this is already annoying, but the same idiots leave 10 minutes early before the show ends! Hey! Here’s a message from the rest of us…who are there to see and hear everything from A to Z!

Don’t use your common sense because it sucks!  Go with the etiquette because it will get you there on time, and allow everyone and yourself to appreciate the investment entirely!