A Double Standard? Or is that the rules of the game…

It’s hard dating someone who doesn’t have a role model as a man.  Yes, there are men who honor their mothers and treat their mothers like golden, but sometimes it doesn’t carry over to the woman they are dating. Moms, because there is no real man in the picture, stroke the young egos of their sons. They make their sons feel like they are the man. Their sons in turn love having their egos stroked. Now, every man loves this it’s just to what extreme. When they are single, they are the man.  They are able to buy every pretty face and booty a drink and maybe even fuck them; but they don’t know how to transition when in a relationship.

They are in a relationship, and want to hang out at some of the same venues because they feel like they are the Man there.  However, when they want to buy drinks for women when “their woman” is there; there’s a problem.  Or when past flirtatious relationships- whether they did something or not, women come on the scene and constantly remind them of the venue, and want to have small conversation, while the present girlfriend is there is disrespectful.  But the ego is being stroked so the bravado is blinding and the disrespect to the present lady (girlfriend) goes unnoticed.  And what happens?  The girlfriend is being blamed for insecurities.  However, let another man make his presence known to the girlfriend, it’s a whole new story.  The man is hurt.  He can’t handle it.

It’s so funny how there is such a double standard when it comes to this.  And men are less likely to play the game of disrespect; unlike the women.  It is irritating as hell when the man doesn’t know what’s going on.  Or do they?

What do you think? Ladies….Men..