Common Sense vs. Etiquette

Common Sense vs. Etiquette

If you are going to an event – concert, comedy show, or play, do you leave early enough so you may park the car, buy snacks or drinks, and find your seats before the show begins?  Or do you get there after the show begins, stand in front of others while trying to read your ticket for seating; find your seats and then get up to go to the bathroom or purchase a drink.

This act lacks common sense and fosters poor etiquette.  Why pay for tickets and not enjoy the beginning?  Do you buy a movie or a book that doesn’t have chapter 1?  Then why show up after the event begins? Unfortunately, because your ass showed up late, now you’re interrupting those who would like to see the beginning without, “What number is your seat?” “Excuse me…” Or stand in front of others who are trying to see the show!  Now this is already annoying, but the same idiots leave 10 minutes early before the show ends! Hey! Here’s a message from the rest of us…who are there to see and hear everything from A to Z!

Don’t use your common sense because it sucks!  Go with the etiquette because it will get you there on time, and allow everyone and yourself to appreciate the investment entirely!

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