Stay in your lane….babe

“Babe you look good.” “ You look sexy in those heels.” “That smile of yours warms me.” “Damn, you look good in that dress!” “And that ass…..mmmmmm.” “ I’m so proud to have you on my arm.” “ I can’t wait till we get home!” “You are the most beautiful woman I know. I’m blessed.”

All of these things are wonderful. However, there is the moment when he says while looking at another woman, “Why don’t you wear your hair like that?”  “That would look good on you.”  “Why don’t you do something else with your hair?”  “Have you ever tried eye lashes?”  “Why don’t you let your nails grow?”

The look of “Why don’t you do something different with your hair? Your belly?  Why don’t you change your hair cut?  Let me update your closet.”  How about this, “let’s do something different in the bedroom.”  “Let’s invite an extra guy over.”  Well, after making the mistake of saying one of the above, I responded and he was not pleased.

STAY IN YOUR LANE!  I love you the way you are…Love me for who I am.

I’m not opposed to spicing things up in the bedroom; or trying new styles in my wardrobe.  But consider where I work; what I do and if it’s appropriate.

There will always be someone more attractive, eye catching for either one of you. And when we have date night, let us do our best to impress each other.  Otherwise, Stay in Your Lane; because I’ve got this.

2 thoughts on “Stay in your lane….babe

  1. Sorry – Looking good for each other should NOT be reserved for one special day or night for starters. STAY IN ONE’S LANE is mis-leading when one need to communicate their lack of sexual attraction towards their counterpart. When this occurs, the problem can manifest into a greater issue and possible infidelity. He like a hair style, she should try it and not schedule it. She wants waist reduction, hit those crunches my brothers. These accommodations don’t cost a thing and will increase the attraction between two wonderful people. Staying in your lane – NO!!!!

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  2. Great point Shawn! I totally agree with you…pleasing each other over little things don’t cost a thing and demonstrates respect for each other’s desires. However, this topic is just a sample of what some people experience. You fall in love with the person for some reason…what happen to that reason? Should a person constantly change to accommodate the other person and lose one self? How far do you go?
    Thanks for your response!


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