Starting Anew!

Falling off the radar allows you to reflect on a host of things; relationships- friends, family, and love; your life- activities, hobbies, career, family, education, political stance, happiness, and health.  It allows you to experience depression and how it affects you; and how others react.  It challenges you to explore your inner self; intellect, spirit, and love.

Because of inner strength and my spiritual connection, I am able to overcome the absence of friends.  I use those experiences to teach me that I am authentic.  One learns that those who fall to the wayside when you are not doing well demonstrate the envy that others told you about all along.  One learns having the ability to recognize that you needed time to regroup and reorganize your life.  Just because life brings changes, it doesn’t mean it’s over.  It is time to recharge your batteries, move forward with self and you will attract other positive charges.  Now don’t think that you will not run into new negatives, but you know to keep them at a distance. 

So spring forward! Spring is all about revitalizing, recharging, exciting the inner peace and living in color!

Promise yourself to improve upon your skills, broaden your mind with new things or extend the knowledge already achieved; and live with passion!  Take the risk of throwing your whole self and accept the wounds as a mark of integrity.

I am back!