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Wishing you well…Or not!

Do you want to go out?  What are you up to?  Why don’t you come over?  Do you have a minute…I need to talk.  Let’s go shopping.  Have you seen …?  These are the questions your single friends will ask at any time of the day or night…that’s until you move in with your guy.  The phone calls stop.  They don’t even check on you to see how things are going…I take that back…to see if things are going badly.  Once things turn out to work out and you’re happy…you can turn your phone in and actually get a pre-paid phone because you are not using minutes with no one other than family members and other people who are in relationships.

He says:  Why don’t your girlfriends call anymore?  What happened?

She says: I don’t know.  I thought they were happy for me.

She doesn’t know how to feel about this. She reflects and re-evaluates how she’s treated them.  She recalls always supportive when they were in relationships.  She’s helped them with their problems.  She gave them a shoulder to lean on and if they ever needed it…a few bucks for whatever.

Many women find it difficult to wish other women happiness.  Why is that?  They can do it when they are part of a sorority.  Or is that forced too…because you’re supposed to be supportive.  What is it about?  Women can be the most nurturing and giving human being; but when it comes to a friend having a relationship and the friend empty handed.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  the friendship sleeps.  It becomes dormant.  Were they ever friends?  Do you invite them to the wedding?  I mean, you’ve never had an argument to end the relationship…it just dissolved within the debauched friendship.

What do you do?  Do you call and make them respond to their insecurities? Do you just wish them well? Because really, that’s the type of person you are.  Do you care? What do you do?

Common Sense vs. Etiquette

Common Sense vs. Etiquette

If you are going to an event – concert, comedy show, or play, do you leave early enough so you may park the car, buy snacks or drinks, and find your seats before the show begins?  Or do you get there after the show begins, stand in front of others while trying to read your ticket for seating; find your seats and then get up to go to the bathroom or purchase a drink.

This act lacks common sense and fosters poor etiquette.  Why pay for tickets and not enjoy the beginning?  Do you buy a movie or a book that doesn’t have chapter 1?  Then why show up after the event begins? Unfortunately, because your ass showed up late, now you’re interrupting those who would like to see the beginning without, “What number is your seat?” “Excuse me…” Or stand in front of others who are trying to see the show!  Now this is already annoying, but the same idiots leave 10 minutes early before the show ends! Hey! Here’s a message from the rest of us…who are there to see and hear everything from A to Z!

Don’t use your common sense because it sucks!  Go with the etiquette because it will get you there on time, and allow everyone and yourself to appreciate the investment entirely!

Stay in your lane….babe

“Babe you look good.” “ You look sexy in those heels.” “That smile of yours warms me.” “Damn, you look good in that dress!” “And that ass…..mmmmmm.” “ I’m so proud to have you on my arm.” “ I can’t wait till we get home!” “You are the most beautiful woman I know. I’m blessed.”

All of these things are wonderful. However, there is the moment when he says while looking at another woman, “Why don’t you wear your hair like that?”  “That would look good on you.”  “Why don’t you do something else with your hair?”  “Have you ever tried eye lashes?”  “Why don’t you let your nails grow?”

The look of “Why don’t you do something different with your hair? Your belly?  Why don’t you change your hair cut?  Let me update your closet.”  How about this, “let’s do something different in the bedroom.”  “Let’s invite an extra guy over.”  Well, after making the mistake of saying one of the above, I responded and he was not pleased.

STAY IN YOUR LANE!  I love you the way you are…Love me for who I am.

I’m not opposed to spicing things up in the bedroom; or trying new styles in my wardrobe.  But consider where I work; what I do and if it’s appropriate.

There will always be someone more attractive, eye catching for either one of you. And when we have date night, let us do our best to impress each other.  Otherwise, Stay in Your Lane; because I’ve got this.

Starting Anew!

Falling off the radar allows you to reflect on a host of things; relationships- friends, family, and love; your life- activities, hobbies, career, family, education, political stance, happiness, and health.  It allows you to experience depression and how it affects you; and how others react.  It challenges you to explore your inner self; intellect, spirit, and love.

Because of inner strength and my spiritual connection, I am able to overcome the absence of friends.  I use those experiences to teach me that I am authentic.  One learns that those who fall to the wayside when you are not doing well demonstrate the envy that others told you about all along.  One learns having the ability to recognize that you needed time to regroup and reorganize your life.  Just because life brings changes, it doesn’t mean it’s over.  It is time to recharge your batteries, move forward with self and you will attract other positive charges.  Now don’t think that you will not run into new negatives, but you know to keep them at a distance. 

So spring forward! Spring is all about revitalizing, recharging, exciting the inner peace and living in color!

Promise yourself to improve upon your skills, broaden your mind with new things or extend the knowledge already achieved; and live with passion!  Take the risk of throwing your whole self and accept the wounds as a mark of integrity.

I am back!